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August 23 - 27  2021  |  Lorentz Workshop 

This Workshop will look at the role of luck and accident in different forms of cognition from an externalist and enactivist perspective.

We want to discuss how can we go from ignorance to insight, looking at which processes, events, and actions foster this cognitive change

Time & Location

From 10am August 23

to 5pm August 27

Teams Platform  |  Lorentz Center, Leiden 

See also our page on the Lorentz Center Website

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About the Workshop

‘Enacting Chance’ is a Lorentz week-long workshop, devoted to exploring the implications and connections between philosophical, psychological, and cognitive aspects of discovering, exploiting, and generating chance.

Key topics for discussion will be ignorance-based reasoning, creativity, insight problem-solving, serendipity, intuition, and the enactive perspective on cognition.

In addition to the intensive week of the workshop, events will commence during the summer and interactive materials will be made available for asynchronous participation. While we are assuming that the event will likely be fully online, we are taking opportunities for blended participation and enacting chance wherever possible in the program.

Registration is Free

A registration link will be sent to contributing participants by June 11. Workshop activities will be open to invited/registered participants only to enable and favor interaction. In addition, public events and activities will be announced closer to the date.

Important Dates

Submission deadline

May 21, 2021

Acceptance and Registration Link

June 11, 2021


August 23 - 27, 2021

Public events and collaborations

Anthony Chemero will do a Public Lecture sponsored by Rijksmusuem Boerhaave in Leiden.

We have also organized a workshop with Fillip Studios and FutureBased which will be available to all attendees - the current plan is for one online and one in-person version

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